Donate to the HOS Sadaqah Jaariya Investment Fund

Empower Generations: The Power of Sadaqah

At House of Sadaqah, our vision extends beyond temporary relief. In partnership with Waqf Engine and HalalStocks.Co, we are innovating philanthropy to ensure that acts of Sadaqah become legacies of empowerment.

Heart of Charity: House of Sadaqah

Our mission is tangible impact. From kitchen appliances to bedroom furniture, we provide essential household goods, often overlooked, directly to families rebuilding their lives, making every donation count where it matters most.

Innovative Philanthropy: Waqf Engine

Waqf Engine brings sustainability to charity. Investing donations strategically, we’re creating a renewable resource of aid, ensuring that your Sadaqah provides for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.

Strategic Investments: HalalStocks.Co

With HalalStocks.Co, amplify your ability to do good. Invest in high-performance, ethical portfolios, supporting not just your financial goals but also making a lasting impact through continuous charitable funding.

Seeding the Future

In a remarkable display of unity and foresight, our community came together to lay the foundation of a brighter tomorrow. Through a dedicated fundraiser, we gathered contributions earmarked for the creation of a perpetual fund. This fund is our commitment to the future—a promise that as it grows, so will our capacity to furnish homes, uplift spirits, and nourish the roots of self-sufficiency. House of Sadaqah extends heartfelt gratitude to every donor who planted the seeds of this enduring initiative. Join us, and see how together, we’re cultivating a legacy of hope and prosperity.

Build an Everlasting Impact

Your gift of Sadaqah Jariyah can light the way for future generations. Contribute to the Sadaqah Jariyah fund and extend your support far into the future. Charities striving for financial resilience, visit to discover how your organization can benefit from enduring endowments. For individuals and corporations seeking ethical investment opportunities that align with your values, HalalStocks.Co welcomes you to explore how your investments can grow and contribute positively to society. Take the step today for a sustainable tomorrow.