Family Foundations Program

The Family Foundations Program is a counselling initiative by House of Sadaqa aimed at providing individual and family counselling services. This program follows a family preservation model integrated with Islamic principles and ethos. It is designed to be delivered both on-premises in community areas and as a supporting service for other organisations, enhancing their service offerings with culturally contextual counselling.

Program Objectives

    • Accessibility and Inclusion: Deliver counselling services directly within community areas to ensure accessibility and reduce the need for clients to travel, especially catering to financially disadvantaged individuals and families seeking culturally contextual help.

    • Holistic Support: Provide a comprehensive service model that includes counselling, networking, and referrals to other essential services such as suicide prevention, family preservation, financial aid, and educational assistance.

Expected Outcomes


    • Family Cohesion and Individual Well-being: Improve mental health and family stability through counselling interventions that reduce the risk of children leaving home, prevent suicide, and address marriage breakdowns.

    • Community Integration: Foster stronger community ties and resilience by providing access to a broad network of support services.

    • Prevention of Hardship: Enable individuals and families to overcome challenges and prevent future hardship through proactive support and solutions-oriented counselling.