What is Social Enterprise?

At House of Sadaqa, our social enterprises are vital to our mission of supporting local families and individuals in need. By combining business principles with our charitable goals, we create sustainable sources of funding that help us deliver essential services and programs.

Why We Do It

Social enterprises allow us to:

  • Generate Sustainable Funding: By running businesses that align with our values, we create a continuous stream of income to fund our charitable initiatives.
  • Empower Communities: Providing employment and training opportunities within our social enterprises helps to uplift and empower the communities we serve.
  • Promote Sustainability: Our social enterprises, such as Panda Paper, focus on eco-friendly products, promoting environmental sustainability alongside social good.

How It Helps Us

Through our social enterprises, we can:

  • Ensure Consistent Support: The profits generated support our core services, including counselling, home essentials, laundry services, and our charity shop.
  • Expand Our Reach: Sustainable funding allows us to grow our programs and help more people in need.
  • Foster Innovation: Running businesses encourages innovative approaches to solving social issues and improving our service delivery.

What It Means

Our commitment to social enterprise means:

  • Self-Reliance: We reduce dependency on external donations and grants, ensuring more stability and long-term impact.
  • Community Investment: Profits are reinvested into our programs, directly benefiting the people we serve.
  • Integrated Solutions: We create holistic support systems that address multiple needs through our interconnected services and programs.

By supporting our social enterprises, you help us build a stronger, more resilient community.