Empowering Our Community, One Load at a Time

Join Us in Making a Difference

Discover how The Goodwill Laundry is transforming lives through essential services and community support.

Introducing The Goodwill Laundry

Our Mission

The Goodwill Laundry, located in the heart of Bankstown, is an innovative social enterprise by House of Sadaqa. Set to open soon, our mission is to empower the community by providing essential laundry services and support. We aim to create a welcoming space that fosters community engagement and promotes sustainability.

Our Key Features

Community Support

We offer free laundry services to families and individuals facing financial hardship, helping to alleviate everyday struggles.


Our social enterprise model ensures that all income generated is reinvested back into our community programs, promoting long-term sustainability.

Environmental Responsibility

We use eco-friendly machines and practices to reduce our environmental footprint, supporting green initiatives for a healthier planet.

Our Services

Affordable Laundry Services

We provide cost-effective self-serve laundry facilities to the community. Our modern machines and clean environment ensure a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Free Laundry Services

For those facing financial hardship, we offer free laundry services. This initiative ensures that everyone has access to clean clothes, promoting dignity and hygiene.